About Us

IRSA is a B2B online travel solutions provider. We specialize in providing complete online services, enabling seamless and fast communication between travel product suppliers and sellers such as travel agents and tour operators. Our mission is to move on the edge of knowledge, by learning from over 2200 customers and more than 200 providers and 1000 airlines to make valuable communication as a consolidator, we work through contracts with major carriers and other travel product providers to sell at reduced and competitive prices which help our travel agencies to reach their market goals. We currently serve thousands of travel agencies in IRAN with our 7-day support team and the latest technological features which enable us to respond to our clients more effectively. Our successful track record in continuous and remarkable progress besides our dedication to innovation makes us an invaluable partner in the Iran market for both suppliers and sellers of the travel market. IRSA consists of specialists having expertise in the areas of system analysis & design. system architectures & modeling, development & coding, testing & implementation, and many other aspects. We believe in a culture that supports technological innovation, individual expression, and creative contribution.

Our Partners

We are pleased to work with thousands of partners. Those who work with us globally include: