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B2B Panel
Fully Integrated Panel

This product enables IATA & Non-IATA Agencies to receive the benefit of getting connected to multiple airlines by using our content, allowing them to purchase tickets using a debit card. They can create and manage Sub-users, Markups, Book and Issue tickets along with ancillaries and provide after-sales services on a Single Screen Platform and We also offer over 900,000 accommodation options, group reservations, car rental, transfers, and other travel-related services for both leisure and business travel.

Webservice & API
Your unique service

This product gives travel agencies the opportunity to access more than 1000 airlines and more than 200 reliable providers from all over the world at the same time. IRSA web service is the new way and tool for earning a profit on the growing electronic market of Iran. At the moment many reputable companies are using our web service for online presence and selling services such as flight, accommodation, bus, train, transfer and etc.

White Label
Economy, Easy and Fast

White Label is the ready to use template of IRSA's online travel solutions which provides travel agencies, dedicated site addresses for online selling. This service will be designed according to the name, logo, and organizational color of agencies. This system provides the easiest way to sell domestic and international flights, hotels, buses, and trains. It should be added; travel agencies simply could sell their stocks through this system. This system includes a comprehensive management panel that provides and ease the process of managing site, such as pricing, reporting, discounting code, changing images and site contents, for travel agencies.